• Desmond Tutu
      February 25, 2015
      In our spiritual founders, Mary and Elijah, Carmelites recognize models of prophetic action that have been nourished and guided by prayer. The call to be a prophetic contemplative is as relevant in the days of the prophet Elijah as it is today. This photo series journeys within and beyond the Carmelite tradition, revealing the Prayerful and Prophetic life in some unexpected places.
    • Discerning1
      February 24, 2015
      I guess somebody might say I’ve been in a formal “discernment atmosphere” for about a year and half. I’ve been through a pre-Novitiate, and I’m a good chunk of the way through a Novitiate. I’ve gotten a lot of advice about discernment from many people, and it has been enormously helpful.
    • ComingtoCarmel.KevinKeller
      February 18, 2015
      At Confirmation about fifteen years ago, the presiding bishop spoke an unfamiliar yet deeply attractive word—vocation. He told us that it is something we should consider; most of us were called to marriage, some to single life, and others to the religious life or priesthood. He spent a while relating to us the value of the vocation to religious life.
    • glueckert-ANGELUS
      February 16, 2015
      Among the earliest saints to be venerated as Carmelites, we find the story of the Sicilian hermit Angelus. Like his contemporaries Albert of Trapani and Simon Stock, who also lived in the 13th century, Angelus is somewhat difficult to profile, since the story of his life is clouded by legends
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