Joachim Smet O.Carm.

Fr. Joachim Smet O.Carm.

Fr. Joachim Smet, O.Carm. (1915-2011) was one of the leading historians of the Carmelite Order. In addition to being a founding member and President of the Institutum Carmelitanum in Rome and editor of Carmelus, a journal of Carmelite Studies, Fr. Joachim was a gifted writer. he is well-known for his four-volume work The Carmelites and his Life of Saint Peter Thomas. Among his other works: Familiar Matter of Today-Poems (2007), The Mirror of Carmel: A Brief History of the Carmelite Order, (2011), various publications on Carmelite Nuns, Carmelite Liturgy, Carmelite Libraries of Spain and Portugal and the Carmelites of Medieval England.

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Carmel Chronicle
April 11, 2014
The war between the League and Henry III made it impossible for Chizzola and Aleotto to carry out the visitation of the provinces.
Carmel Chronicle
April 8, 2014
On July 29, 1584, Caffardi confirmed Didier Buffet in his office of vicar general for France and made Peter Dumas his assistant.
Carmel Chronicle
April 3, 2014
The reform of Albi had greatly declined since the days of Nicholas Audet, when it constituted a dedicated and learned elite...
Carmel Chronicle
April 1, 2014
With regard to the administration of the Order, new chapters are added on the offices of vicar general and commissary general...
Carmel Chronicle
March 27, 2014
An important decree of the chapter was that requiring a new edition of the constitutions conforming to the Council of Trent.
Carmel Chronicle
March 21, 2014
Under the next two priors general there is a slackening in the pace of reform set by Audet and Rossi.
Carmel Chronicle
March 19, 2014
When Gregory XIII’s brief Quaecumque appeared on November 3, 1574, it was a compromise.
Carmel Chronicle
March 13, 2014
A remarkable feature of the general chapter was the unprecedented presence of representatives of the Mantuan Congregation.
Carmel Chronicle
March 11, 2014
After eleven years, Rossi finally managed to convene another general chapter at Piacenza, May 22, 1575.
Carmel Chronicle
March 4, 2014
The Compendium constitutionum provides a clear picture of the financial administration of the convents and the practice of poverty.
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