Joachim Smet O.Carm.

Fr. Joachim Smet O.Carm.

Fr. Joachim Smet, O.Carm. (1915-2011) was one of the leading historians of the Carmelite Order. In addition to being a founding member and President of the Institutum Carmelitanum in Rome and editor of Carmelus, a journal of Carmelite Studies, Fr. Joachim was a gifted writer. he is well-known for his four-volume work The Carmelites and his Life of Saint Peter Thomas. Among his other works: Familiar Matter of Today-Poems (2007), The Mirror of Carmel: A Brief History of the Carmelite Order, (2011), various publications on Carmelite Nuns, Carmelite Liturgy, Carmelite Libraries of Spain and Portugal and the Carmelites of Medieval England.

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Carmel Chronicle
July 20, 2014
The site chosen for the hermitage, the fountain of Elijah, is worthy of note, for it was to have a profound influence on the charism of the Order. The memory of the prophets Elijah and Elisha attached to various localities in the Palestine of the crusades is very striking.
Carmel Chronicle
July 15, 2014
By the bull Omnimodo, May 9, 1522, Pope Adrian VI authorized the mendicant orders to evangelize the Indies.
Carmel Chronicle
July 10, 2014

Meanwhile, on June 1, 1596, the unfortunate Chizzola had arrived in Rome. About a month later, the record of the inquest arrived from Spain and the trial could begin. Clement VIII with his customary passion for detail insisted on examining … Read more

Carmel Chronicle
June 26, 2014
Until he received instructions from Rome, Gaetani, on October 29, 1595, ordered Chizzola to employ his secretary, Ambrose Vallejo, lector at the university of Salamanca, in place of Sivori, who was to retire to Avila.
Carmel Chronicle
June 20, 2014
At Seville, Chizzola seems seldom if ever to have appeared in choir and refectory.
Carmel Chronicle
June 17, 2014
On August 31, 1595, Gaetani sent Chizzola an ominous note, summoning him immediately to Madrid “for a few important matters I have to discuss with your Most Reverend Paternity."
Carmel Chronicle
June 13, 2014
Meantime, in the Casa Grande at Seville murmurs began to be heard against the general living like a lord in a country house.
Carmel Chronicle
June 10, 2014
From Chizzola’s record of the visitation, little can be deduced concerning the spiritual state of the provinces he visited.
Carmel Chronicle
June 5, 2014
On March 31, 1594, the prior general and his party set out from Rome for Spain.
Carmel Chronicle
May 29, 2014
On February 5, 1594, Clement VIII’s reformers visited the church and convent of Traspontina, headquarters of the Order. Here as elsewhere, the pope applied his general decrees with certain modifications.
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