Carmelite ChroniclesThe Eremitical Life in Palestine

May 3, 2012 |

Elijah's Well

“Others, in imitation of the holy anchorite, the prophet Elijah, led solitary lives on Mount Carmel, especially on that part thereof which overhangs the city of Porphyria, now called Haifa, near the well called Elijah’s Well, not far from the Convent of St. Margaret the Virgin, where in little comb-like cells, those bees of the Lord laid up sweet spiritual honey.

The Carmelites follow a rich heritage of hermetic figures from Palestine, including Hilarion, Cariton, Euthymius, Saba, Theordosius, and other valiant warrior of Christ.”

From The Mirror of Carmel by Joachim Smet, O. Carm.

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