Carmelite homily for Monday (Easter VI), May 18, 2020

May 18, 2020 |

Carmelite Homilies are recorded by Fr. Gregory Houck, O, Carm., following the Cycle of Readings of the Common Lectionary. His preacher’s blog is found at:

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity is a Carmelite we don’t hear enough of.  She was a contemporary of Saint Therese of Lisieux in the Carmel of Dijon, France.  And she writes, “Always love prayer; but when I say prayer I do not mean reciting a vast quantity of vocal prayers every day; rather, I mean the elevation of the soul to God through all things.”  I think that’s the key to today’s Gospel where Jesus says, ‘Do not fall away in persecution.’  If we have elevated the soul; if we live in the heavenly realms; if we live in sanctity; if we live with Jesus, how can we fall away?  I think that’s the call of today’s Gospel: to elevate the soul in all things – persecution, joy – every moment, every day.



Gregory Houck, O. Carm.
Fr. Gregory Houck, O.Carm., is currently on sabbatical and studying Communications and studying Spirituality at Loyola University Chicago. He has a Carmelite preachers blog at .
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