Pope Francis Goes to Washington

September 21, 2015

Two of the Carmelites in formation at Whitefriars Hall in Washington, DC–Nepi Willemsen (English) and Gregorio Vazquez (Spanish) — are writing a series of blog entries about Pope Francis upcoming Mass in Washington on Wednesday.

The community at Whitefriars Hall here in Washington, DC, received only two tickets to Pope Francis’ canonization Mass of Blessed Junipero Serra this Wednesday. Brother Gregorio and I won a lottery among the students to determine who would attend. The tickets are for seats very near the altar.

What an exciting time! Pope Francis is coming to the United States and I am thrilled to go and celebrate the open-air canonization mass together with thousands at Catholic University here in Washington DC. I am excited to hear Pope Francis speak. As a young Carmelite, I am deeply moved by his ministry. He is a great source of inspiration for so many, inside and outside the Church. His humility and simplicity are quite contagious! The Church, especially in this country, needs his words of encouragement. I expect him to challenge all of us, as he has done before, to do a better job at focusing on what we have in common as community of believers, when so often discord separates us. His apostolic visit is an opportunity to recharge our batteries as Christians and go out radiating our faith in Jesus Christ.

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