Friday, April 13, 2012

Check in

Begin with simple awareness that you are, that you exist, here and now.
Sense your own being, and rest in it.
As you become fully aware of your being, realize that God is your being.
Breathe in and out slowly and deeply three times and rest in awareness of his being, your shared being.

Catch Up

Conversation Topic

“For Christ desire to enter into complete nakedness, emptiness and poverty in everything.”
– Saint John of the Cross

Conversation Starter

What things will I hold on to no matter what?
Reputation? Ego? Independence? A grudge?
Always getting the last word? What?


Think of the many things that you hold despite your better efforts.
Now consider what God holds.
Think about God holding you, looking lovingly upon you despite all that you carry.
Breathe in deeply and hold your breath.
Slowly exhale.
Disconnect and listen.

How long would you like to pray for?

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