Monday, September 10, 2018

Check in

Take several deep breaths. Empty your thoughts.
Let go of all that has held you back today.
Exhale all those things that make your heart heavy.
Envision yourself moving forward, lighter, more free, toward the Lord, who helps to carry all burdens.

Catch Up

Conversation Topic

All the imperfections and disorders of the sensory part are rooted in the spirit and from it receive their strength.
St. John of the Cross

Conversation Starter

Recognize that when the spirit is divided and inattentive to the ways of God, the sensory part is often disordered or riddled with imperfections. Pray today for healing of your spirit, so that your whole self is directed In the ways of God.


Quiet yourself. Open your heart.

Take three deep breaths.

Disconnect and listen.

How long would you like to pray for?

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