Sunday, July 1, 2018

Check in

Choose a mantra or ''prayer word'' such as ''God,'' ''love,'' ''Spirit,'' or ''Jesus'' to quiet the mind when distracting thoughts intrude.
Close your eyes and start reciting the mantra aloud at first, so you can listen to yourself speaking or chanting the mantra.
After a few minutes, begin to recite more quietly, whispering and finally only moving your lips to form the mantra without producing an audible sound.
Recite the mantra in your mind, repeating it mentally without moving your lips.

Catch Up

Conversation Topic

You must note that hardly any of the light coming from the King's royal chamber reaches these first dwelling places.  Even though they are not dark, as when the soul is in sin, they nevertheless are in some way darkened so that the soul cannot see the light.
St. Teresa of Avila

Conversation Starter

Pray today for contentment with whatever God gives you in prayer, whether you are a beginner or experienced.


Quiet yourself. Open your heart.

Take three deep breaths.

Disconnect and listen.

How long would you like to pray for?

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