Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

April 14, 2019 |

There was an old commercial for a credit card that always started the same way. A person asked, “Do you know me?” There was something vaguely familiar about the individual. The person might give a little information about themselves. But only at the end of the commercial when his or her name was typed on the card did you find out their true identity.

The people in the gospels never knew the true identity of Christ, even those who waved palm branches and cried out “hosanna” and praised God. They called Jesus a king while the Pharisees thought He was a teacher. They thought they knew Him but they never did.

Even the apostles, who had been with Him for three years, thought this was the moment of glory, which they had been waiting for a long time. If the crowds were this excited about Jesus outside of Jerusalem, what would they be like within the city?  They expected Jesus to reveal His glory and power by throwing out the Romans and restoring Israel. Then the twelve would be given places of honor.

Jesus was a total surprise to Pilate. He was so used to men pleading and begging for their lives. Jesus just stands silently in front of Pilate.

The mob at the Cross is screaming for Jesus to save Himself, if He is really the Messiah of God. They were so used to people using power for their own comfort, safety, and well-being.

They saw so many self-centered people who never gave consideration to others that they could never imagine anyone acting in a different way.

What King, or for that matter the Son of the Father, rides into a city on a donkey and dies on a Cross? What Messiah doesn’t strike back when met with injustice, evil and brutality and willingly dies on the Cross instead of trying to save Himself? They never knew the true identity of Jesus.

But we know who He really is, don’t we? It should be evident in the way we live, shouldn’t it?

In all honesty, is someone looked at us, could they identify us as followers of Jesus the Christ? Could they say, you are one of His disciples?

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