Stations of the Cross + Meditation: 14th Station

April 8, 2020 |

Station 14 “Jesus is carried to the tomb”


So Joseph took the body and wrapped it in a clean linen cloth
and laid it in his own new tomb,
which he had hewn in the rock.
He then rolled a great stone to the door of the tomb and went away. Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were there,
sitting opposite the tomb..
(Matthew 27:59-61)




The sad final walk.
Christ, my Lord and God, is carried to the grave,
removed from the land of the living.
Oh, when we think of being lowered into the grave,
we shudder at that annihilation.
But God, become man for our sake, being carried to the grave:
that carries annihilation so far that we can form no idea of it.
O sad walk of your friends!
Yes, they hoped for the resurrection,
they could not believe that it was all over with you.
But their faith was being severely tested,
and they truly has need of your grace, O God,
to behold in that body
being carried to the grave
the dead God-Man.
Mary, your beloved mother, is their strength and support.
She does not waver, although the sharp sword of sorrow pierces her soul.
She shares in your humiliation, she weeps over your destruction,
but she awaits your resurrection.
Her courage and trust support the others.
Weeping, but not without hope, they go their sorrowful way to the tomb. —
O holy shroud, on which the lines of that broken body remain impressed,
and even today, allows us to behold the figure of the Savior.
O Jesus, let my soul also be a shroud
in which you are laid to rest.
May the image of the Lord also be inscribed on it,
so that I will always remember how Jesus loves me.


Closing Prayer

A new awareness of Your love Encompasses my heart: Sweet Jesus,
I in You and You in me
shall never part.

No grief shall fall my way
but I shall see Your grief-filled eyes;
the lonely way that You once walked
has made me sorrow-wise.

All trouble is a white-lit joy
that lights my darkest day;
Your love has turned to brightest light this night-like way.

If I have You alone,
the hours will bless
with still, cold hands of love my utter loneliness.

Stay with me, Jesus, only stay; I shall not fear.
If reaching out my hand,
I feel You near.


Rolf Willemsen, O. Carm.
Fr. Rolf "Nepi" Willemsen, O. Carm., is a Carmelite priest living in Joliet, IL.
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