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Carmelites: From the Desert to the Garden of God - Order of Carmelites

Carmelites: From the Desert to the Garden of God

December 3, 2012

Order of Carmelites


  1. Lily Chung

    Pray for me. God is calling me to live a life of prayer, poverty, obedience, and He is calling me to live out “Carmel” = “God’s Garden” where His People will know and worship HIM. Jesus, please help me to embark on this journey and let me become smaller and smallest, and YOU become greater and greatest! Give me chances to lay down my life to give YOU Glory and tend 777 GOD’s gardens. For the bible taught me that GOD called this the year of the jubilee! Glory to GOD in the highest!

  2. Jeanette Marquez

    Certainly, God would welcome another Lily into His garden.The source of your question and answer are one in the same. Blended into the garden one does not disappear but strengthens the field that bows freely to the heavens.

  3. Jim H.

    Please pray for me. I am married with a child and am feeling a strong pull to the Discalced Carmelites – third order. This video has brought me to tears. Wow.

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