A Fourth of July Prayer

July 4, 2019 |

America is more than a place to hang your hat.
It represents a value system most of us believe in very strongly.
That value system has to do with the worth of human beings,
wherever they are. We believe that lives are worth saving.

(John Danforth, Episcopal clergy and former U. S. Senator)

Our Prayer this July 4th:

We thank you today, O God, for our nation:
for the freedom to gather here in security and comfort.
We thank you for our Church
and its deep involvement in the history of our nation.
Startle us, again, with your truth
and open our hearts to your word.

May we be willing to do all that is necessary
to insure that the values we hold sacred
are forever present in the actions and life of our nation.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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