Fr. Jorge Monterroso ~ Newly Ordained Carmelite Priest

June 4, 2019 |

Carmelites from around the Province gathered in Guatemala on Saturday, May 25, 2019, for the ordination to the priesthood of Jorge Monterroso. A number of Carmelites made the journey from Peru, El Salvador, Mexico, the US, and Canada to witness the ordination in what was a very pleasant day. The members of the Monterroso family were great hosts. The Carmelites were able to celebrate a few meals with them besides both participating in the ordination ceremony and First Mass of Fr. Jorge. The hospitality of the Franciscans, who hosted the ceremonies at their parish church and some of the younger Carmelites in their house, was great.

Congratulations to Fr. Jorge and to the Province and the Church who will receive his ministry for many years to come!

Fr. Jorge is a native of Guatemala. He professed first vows as a Carmelite in 2011 and solemn vows in 2016. He is being assigned to St. Cyril of Alexandria Parish in Tucson, Arizona.

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