Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation: “…allegiance… solidarity… renewal… “

October 10, 2018 |

The members of the PCM province support a unique process to provide funding for Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation OPIC) work in the province. The JPIC commission is tasked by the province to oversee an annual grant allocation process. Currently, a total of $150,000 dollars is allocated for these JPIC grants. These grants address the immediate needs of the poor and support the efforts of those in our communities who combat various kinds of injustice. Some of the grants are directed toward immediate concerns such as food and shelter (Charity Grants), whereas others are directed toward changing underlying structures that are at the root ofinjustice (Human Development Grants). Carmelites of the PCM Province apply for and use the grants to serve the missions of JPIC and report back on the success and outcomes of their efforts. Any funds “leftover” at the end of the grant allocation process are available for emergency efforts, such as natural disaster relief. Below are just a few of the good works the Carmelites of the PCM Province have been able to support through these Charity and Human Development Grants.



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