Memorial of St. Elisha

June 13, 2018 |

Elisha came to Elijah, who threw his cloak over him and he, abandoned the oxen, followed Elijah and became his servant (1 K 19, 19. 21). Elijah received the spirit of Elisha and, among the many outstanding prodigies; he cured Naaman from leprosy and raised a boy from the dead. He lived among the sons of prophets and was frequently present, in the name of God, in the events of the People of Israel.

The Carmelite Order, mindful of its origin on Mount Carmel, with the liturgical celebration of the great Prophets Elijah and Elisha, intends to perpetuate the memory of their presence and of their works. This is why in the year 1399 the General Chapter decreed the celebration of the feast of Saint Elisha. In our time the Prophet gives effective witness of the prophetic Charism by means of fidelity to the true God and the service to his people.
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