Occupy Chicago… Carmelite Style

April 7, 2012 |

by Mark Sexton

On Good Friday the parishioners of Chicago Carmelite Parish of Saint Thomas the Apostle joined in solidarity with other parishes of the area to perform five stations of the cross in various locations in the downtown Chicago area. It was personally challenging to brave the morning’s icy winds of the windy city and 39 degree weather, a far cry from the 75 degrees in my hometown of Tampa at the time, but the sight of 77 year old grandmothers marching by gave all the necessary grit to offer it up, take up my cross and continue on in the journey. It was a powerful witness of the ability of Catholics to bring the commemoration of the passion out of the churches to be seen by people who many never have seen such a thing before. During the march I heard so many passerbys brimming with curiosity about what was going on and I was encouraged by the number of people on sidewalks and nearby bridges who took a break from their busy day of shopping to take a moment and listen to the bible readings and reflections. The attached photo shows a stunning image of Fr. Elias reading the biblical passage associated with the third station. More details can be found on the event’s website.

Mark Sexton is a Carmelite Pre-Novice

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