Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord–March 25th

March 25, 2015 |

annunciation625x346Mary said “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord.
May it be done to me according to your word.”
Then the Angel departed from her.

LK 1:38

What did Mary do?

This entire event occurs in a few moments – and in these few moments Mary speaks her Fiat – her YES! Let it be to me according to your Word.

How often are we so shocked by what could be God speaking in our lives through someone else?

It is such a normal reaction to think that what we are experiencing could not possibly be God. How could God possibly know me? Why would God seek me out? What would God ever want with me? What could I do to help God; to help bring God more fully into the world, to bring God more fully to others?

All these are very human reactions and all speak to the longing in the very depths of our beings; the longing to be so known and loved by God that God would use me to bring God more fully to the world and in so doing, to bring about a more just, compassionate, caring world. Can we dare to name and own this deep longing? Perhaps what is the truly amazing part is that Mary is able to recognize so quickly that the Angel’s words are echoing her longing and that she is able to trust in God’s promise equally as quickly.

How was she able to do that so generously, so unequivocally and yet so trustingly, so humbly?

How do you respond to God’s invitation to bring Christ forth in to the world? Isn’t that what each one of is called to do by our baptism. Like Mary this journey of faith unfolds every single day of our lives as we say our YES! Our FIAT! Let it be done to me according to your will.

How do any of us know God’s will.

Mary simply asked: How can this be? It was answered and she asked no more. Maybe she was too speechless to ask more. We would want to know more but instead we are called to trust; to trust God’s call even when it seems totally impossible, following what Mary did, pondering about it, praying about it, seeking support and confirmation in those around us as Mary did as she went off to Elizabeth.

Can we live with the questions that are not answered and trust in God’s promise?
Mary’s story, Mary’s journey, does not end there. Her life was radically changed – her relationship with God profoundly deepened – the moment she said her “YES”. Mary welcomed God’s Word in the fullest sense – and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

Saying yes is never simple and straightforward. As we look at our own lives, can we see the struggles, the uncertainties maybe some of the same things Mary experienced? And yes, our lives will be radically changed too.

Is it possible for us to see how our ‘yeses’ to God’s call in our lives have led us and can lead us to things we could never ask for or imagine… if we can somehow just be courageous enough to trust, as Mary did, that we do not make our journey alone?

More than two thousand years after Mary’s time, God awaits our ‘yes’ to come more fully into the world. Loving God, give us the courage to trust in your call in our lives and the ability to live our ‘yes’.

A question to ponder: When have I have felt God was calling me to something greater than myself. When has my availability to ponder deeply God’s invitation to bring forth Christ into the world – to be a Christ- bearer?

Daryl Moresco, OCarm.
Br. Daryl Moresco OCarm. is the Co-Director of Carmelite Novices in Middletown, NY.
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