July 15, 2012

60 Second Novena, Day 8: Cloud of Mount Carmel

If you look up the word 'typology' in the dictionary, one of the definitions will be about finding an Old Testament antecedent for a New Testament image. For example, the three days Jonah spent inside the whale is a similar 'type' of story as the three days Christ spent inside the tomb. Or the manna of Moses is a 'type' for the Eucharist.
May 8, 2012

More Mother than Queen: a Carmelite View of Mary

For most of the Catholic world May is considered the month of Mary with May Processions and Crownings of the May Queen. But the Carmelite connection to Our Lady has traditionally had a distinctly different feel than the regal pomp generally associated with Mary during May.
March 26, 2012

Our Fulbright Scholar

Matthew James Gummess, currently living at Carith House in Hyde Park, Chicago, will be leaving this month to a town named Talca in the country of Chile. Talca is about three hours south of Santiago, the capital city. As a recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship, in their Cultural Ambassador program, he will both teach and take classes there during the upcoming year.
March 14, 2012

First Salvadoran Professes Vows

Brother Alfredo Guillen, O.Carm., the province’s first candidate from El Salvador, professed solemn vows in the Carmelite Province of the Most Pure Heart of Mary on July 20, 2011, at the Church of Nuestra Señora de Lourdes, in San Salvador.
Beginning the Journey: The Carmelite Pre-Novitiate Program
June 17, 2011

Beginning the Journey: The Carmelite Pre-Novitiate Program

The pre-novices are fully immersed in their studies, learning to balance life in community with their academic work. Our schedule consists of Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer. Formation sessions are weekly and follow a four-week cycle such as studying one of our Carmelite documents, lectio divina, house meetings and group facilitation. Each month, we deepen this process with workshops and presentations on topics in the areas of Human Development and Growth in the ...

June 15, 2011

Fr. Greg’s vocation story

Fr. Gregory Houck, O.Carm Coincidence or calling? Right after college I went to New Jersey for a job interview, and a friend, Dennis, wanted to accompany me for a little sightseeing in New York. At the last moment, though, he cancelled. But, he said that friends of his would put me up while I was in the New Jersey area. When I got to the address Dennis had given me, I found the rectory at Our Lady ...

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