The Feast of Saint John of the Cross ~ December 14, 2020

December 14, 2020 |

In today’s video, Father Jack Welch, O.Carm. speaks on Saint John of the Cross and the journey of the soul to God.

Fr Jack’s specialty is Carmelite spirituality.  He is a founding member of the Carmelite Forum – a group of Discalced and O.Carm. scholars.  He has been the president of the North American Carmelite Institute.  He was a longtime instructor in the Carmelite Studies Program at the Washington Theological Union.  Among his books are:

  • Spiritual Pilgrims: Carl Jung and Teresa of Avila
  • When Gods Die: an Introduction to John of the Cross
  • The Carmelite Way: an Ancient Path for Today’s Pilgrim

Saint John of the Cross was born in 1540 in Ontivero, Spain.  In 1563 he was clothed with the Carmelite habit and, after a year’s novitiate, was given permission to follow the unmitigated Carmelite Rule. He was ordained priest in 1567, after studying philosophy and theology at Salamanca, and, in the same year, he met Saint Teresa of Jesus who, a little while before, had founded two communities of contemplative Carmelite Friars (later called the Discalced) in order that they might help the communities of nuns that she had established. A year later – during which he traveled with Teresa – on the 28th November 1568, John became part of the first group of Reformed Carmelites at Duruelo, changing his name from John of St. Matthias to John of the Cross.

To explore further:


Celebrating Nada: Coming to Grips with the Feast of John of the Cross and Advent by Father Gregory Houck, O.Carm.



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