Applying to the Order

We welcome your interest in the profound and exciting spiritual journey of contemplation and service in community that are synonymous with Carmelite life and invite you to contact us.

Understandably, the application process is rigorous. We need to discern whether men are spiritually, physically, and psychologically healthy for the spiritual ascent of Mount Carmel. We want to make sure men have the potential to be formed into good Carmelites, active in prayer, community life, and service. Below are some basic requirements we are looking for in candidates to the Carmelites:


Basic Requirements


  • Between the ages of 18-39


  • At minimum, a high school graduate


  • Able to express emotions and be capable of interdependence
  • Have a healthy self-image
  • Have some level of personal integration and consistency with their professed Christian ideals


  • Able to manage and complete Philosophy and Theology courses of study leading to a Masters in Divinity
  • Able to apply your education in both pastoral and leadership situations
  • Desire to be a life-long learner and to consistently apply your ongoing education in ministry settings
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