Carmel has always been about prayer. And that’s what being a Carmelite – whether friar, nun, or Lay Carmelite – is all about: prayer. It’s not method; it’s emphasis.

Lectio Divina

One way to listen to God is to prayerfully read the Bible. In doing so, we can connect with the impulse of the men who gathered on Mount Carmel more than 800 years ago.

Pray With Us

We invite you to join your prayers with our own Carmelite community's prayer. Please feel free to send us your prayer requests...

The Brown Scapular

The Carmelite Scapular forms an essential part of our monastic habit, but for centuries the Church has held that one doesn’t have to be a monk or a nun to be a part of the Carmelite family, wear the Scapular or enjoy its blessings...

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