1st Sunday of Lent – Lenten Reflection

February 21, 2021 |

1st Sunday of Lent, February 21, 2021
Readings: Genesis 9:8-15; 1 Peter 3:18-22; Mark 1:12-15

by Fr. Robert Colaresi, O.Carm.

The God of rainbows wants us all to be one, at peace with Him, everyone and all creation.   Yet today we have been deluged with floods of wild beasts of narcissism, false selves, conspiracy theories, racism, violence, white supremacy and other evils that blur the reality of objective truth and God’s Presence.  We join Jesus in the desert as he filters out the false noise from the truth to be faithful to His mission and His Father.  May this Lenten Journey help us search for the gold at the end of the Rainbow that is God’s Indwelling Presence within us. As Carmelites and Christians we seek to be present to the Presence always and already deep with, the Kingdom at hand, and zealous for justice!

Join the Carmelite Community for Compline (Night Prayer) this evening. Click the image below:

Tomorrow’s reflection will be offered by Fr. Donald Buggert, O.Carm.



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