Meet Brother Neil Conlisk

MeetNeilC2I grew up in LaGrange, Illinois on Waiola Ave. I have two older sisters. I attended Marquette University where I majored in Political Science. After graduation I taught music at the Boys and Girls Club of Milwaukee, and then served as a Jesuit Volunteer on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota coordinating liturgical music.

Two books that happened to be important in my life were Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch about the connection between meditation and the creative arts and Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton about returning to the Faith in the modern world. I like music, poetry, songwriting and movies.

I started to consider religious life after college when hearing how Jesus called the disciples, or God called the old testament prophets. I could not find another career path so I pursued the option. Many things attracted me to the Carmelites: their Saints, patronage of Mary and Elijah, garden imagery, emphasis on prayer, and the Carith House community. My favorite scripture passage is Elijah on Mt. Horeb encountering God in the light, subtle breeze because it speaks of an ordinary experience of God.

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